A Great Business Idea I Discovered Was Not For Me

I had been an online store-owner for over 10 years and was ready for a change. I had lost the motivation for my businesses that I once had. While that is ok in the short term and I was not neglecting anything, I was no longer looking out for new opportunities with the passion IContinue reading “A Great Business Idea I Discovered Was Not For Me”

Time Budget for Competing Objectives and Managing Accountability

With all the competing business objectives and the complicated web of businesses I have created for myself, the one thing I can control is how much time I spend on each part of my business. I have been doing this with a time budget for a few months now and it has given me someContinue reading “Time Budget for Competing Objectives and Managing Accountability”

Morning Routine For Increased Effectiveness and Creativity

I recently picked up a book called “Daily Rituals” by Mason Currey. A fascinating account of the daily rituals of famous creative people. My morning routine is something that I hold dearly and when I was younger, was a discipline that I didn’t always achieve. It was obvious to me that both the quality andContinue reading “Morning Routine For Increased Effectiveness and Creativity”