Outsourcing to International Contractors

Outsourcing to low cost international contractors may not be for everyone but it is key to my working and management style. I have become an expert in delegation, just ask my partner and kids. And with only a limited number of hours in the day, and not having a money tree that I can useContinue reading “Outsourcing to International Contractors”

Training and Skills Development

Training Requirement If you are a prospective partner, it is important for you to know the skills of the people you are going to be working with. So in this article, I will discuss our training and skills development. Nick requires that we devote 20% of our time on skills training and development. This allowedContinue reading “Training and Skills Development”

Motivating Team Members in a Virtual Workplace

Motivating team members in a traditional workplace is a challenge in itself so you would imagine motivating team members in a virtual work space would be a lot harder. Virtual Teams, MMORPGs, and Leadership – How They All Tie Up I’ve read an article which relates how playing video games, MMORPGs in particular, can promoteContinue reading “Motivating Team Members in a Virtual Workplace”

The Challenges of Working from Home

Some people might think that working from home is way easier than working in an office setting. However, it is not and it shouldn’t be. The main challenge about working from home is getting focused on work. If you live alone that wouldn’t be much of a problem since you don’t have people to disturbContinue reading “The Challenges of Working from Home”