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[li]Do you want to have an online store but don’t know where to start?[/li]
[li]Are you concerned about being as competition to your customers?[/li]
[li]Have you used an agency before but weren’t happy with their process?[/li]

We offer a unique approach where we can handle all of your online store and charge you a commission on sales only.

This partnership model offers a number of advantages including:

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[li]We have a more than vested interest and “skin in the game” to your success.[/li]
[li]Your cash flow improves[/li]
[li]You continue running your successful business and we simply generate additional sales through an online channel[/li]

What we bring to the table

Our experience with has been in the gift and home ware industry and we believe we would deliver the best value to partners in that industry.

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[li]We take full responsibility for the store being online and functional. We maintain and upgrade as needed to make sure that the site is running smoothly, bug-free and fix any problems the user encounters on an ongoing basis.[/li]
[li]Complete branding process of new retail brand or adaptation of existing brand for retail sales.[/li]
[li]Build a modern website with online sales capabilities.[/li]
[li]SEO – get found by Google[/li]
[li]SEM – online advertising, Google Adwords, Facebook[/li]
[li]Add, remove, and update products as needed.[/li]
[li]Manage social media channels, blog content and orders.[/li]

What you do

Receive orders from us and pack and ship them to your retail customers.

For us to be truly effective there are certain criteria we have for companies that can leverage such a partnership profitably. These are:
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[li]Currently turning over greater than 7 figures in wholesale sales with a GPM of at least 40%[/li]
[li]The average shipping cost must be less than 15% of the purchase price.[/li]
* These are guides only and I would happily bend these for a business or start up I really wanted to support and be involved with.

What we charge

15-25% of sales for the initial 6 months that the site is live. After the first 6 months I expect to have recovered the initial investment and then the commission rate can be reduce by 5-10%

My opportunity cost for the Initial build is $3000-$5000 plus $100 per simple product (one sku) and $150-200 per configurable or grouped product (more than one sku, eg a t-shirt with 5 sizes)

I realize that each business is different and the amount of resources required varies. Once we have had a meeting and learned about the business and we have agreed on division of tasks, I will be able to give you a more specific rate.

I consider you our partner rather than our client and as such we share any risk. While I expect to recover the initial investment, I understand the complexities of business and that not all “good ideas” turn out to be good ideas and profitable. If you don’t, neither will I expect to make any profit out of this venture.

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[toggleitem title=”Like the Idea but not sure about a lifetime partnership?”]That’s completely understandable and every partnership needs a strong exit strategy. If at any time you want out for whatever reason, we will have a buy out fee in the agreement that is set right from the beginning so there will be no surprises. Furthermore, this will include an option for a complete training and handover package so you can ease into the process of doing it all yourself.[/toggleitem]
[toggleitem title=”Concerned about setting up as competition to your current customers?”]I hear this a bit from wholesalers and have experienced it myself. We can set up a completely new brand that will be entirely run by us that will become the premium online retailer for your brand. Australia is such a large country that distribution through a national network of retailers is not always practical and if you don’t have a dedicated online channel your competitors will.[/toggleitem]


Contact me now to see if we are a good fit.

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