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I am passionate about the web and using the technology to leverage traditional marketing and brand management into the current age.

I had my first eCommerce store in 2003, which was a catalogue business selling gardening footwear. As a keen gardener, I wanted to start a business that was related to gardening and got the opportunity to sell the Sloggers garden clogs brand via mail order. I built a website and catalogue and GardenWare was born. Sales started to come in and the product line has expanded gardenware-fell-love-bulldog-tools significantly to where it is today.

In 2008, in an effort to expand the product line we imported planters. We thought broadening our offer to encompass landscape products to appeal to garden lovers, that didn’t necessarily want to do the work themselves, seemed a logical transition.

The target market for the planters was very different from GardenWare so we took on an international franchise agreement from IOTA Home and Garden in the UK and IOTA Australia was born.

For the last few years I have spent my time between the IOTA warehouse and showroom in Brisbane and the GardenWare office just north of the Sunshine with my kids.

I am no longer involved in the day-to-day running of GardenWare and am now only involved in a consulting role. IOTA I am still directly involved in, but have systemised successfully and reduced my time investment to about 30 hours per month. story-iota-designer-planters-australia

I have recently started a web development agency with my team in the Philippines, that is moving along strongly.

Just recently I have moved to South Brisbane to enjoy some inner city living and for 2016 will be making myself available in a consulting capacity to local businesses. I love my new neighbourhood and am looking forward to working with small business owners in the area. Call 0417 371 201 or email me to book your first one hour session free of charge.

4 Interesting Facts

Dragon Ball Z Lover.

Lucky I have kids to justify watching it with.


I’m nice most the time, but there is


Have not had alcohol since 2000.

Meditation Good for the Soul.

Meditate most mornings for 20 minutes.

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