Strategy Roadmap

nickjFor a small investment, I can save you $1000’s in development costs of your website and digital strategy.

My proven process consists of three 40-minute Skype meetings over a two week period. After the meetings, you’ll be provided with a detailed report that will give you the tools you need to go forward.

First meeting

This is the discovery phase where you can tell me about your business. I want to hear your dreams and aspirations for it.

I will ask you great questions that will allow you to think about the possibilities of your business in new and exciting ways. Some of these may feel weird and even uncomfortable, but most change and growth is. It’s part of the process.

You will unlikely be able to answer these initial questions sufficiently and some might require further research from you. You can also share some resources with me for further reading. Together, we can agree on what we need to do over the following seven days to prepare for our second meeting.

Second meeting

We will have had time to think about the questions from our first meeting. and will be well prepared and start to dive deep into your business.

We will brainstorm a list of options. I will ask you the tough questions to draw your attention to the strengths I see in your business, and also where I see the weaknesses. Together we will start to develop a strong plan of action.

Third meeting

The third and final meeting will take place approximately seven days later and here I will provide you with an action plan draft. We will go over the details together and note any revisions that need to be made.

Finally, I will provide you with a detailed report. It outlines our mutually agreed plan of action, estimated time frames and estimated costs.

I will also include recommendations on where you can find companies and freelancers to provide you with the services you will need. This alone will more than pay for my service.

This investment of only $497 will save you weeks of wasted effort and $1000’s in wasted development.

Don’t hesitate a moment longer, click the orange button and let’s get started.


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